Follow-Up After the Interview

As the interview winds down, make sure to say thank you to the interviewer: Ask for the interviewer’s email address, if you don’t already have it. Send out an email thank-you note immedi

Do’s and Don’ts During the Call

Do use Mr. or Ms., followed by the interviewer’s last name. Only use their first name if they ask you to. Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink. Do keep a glass of water handy, though. The

Tips for Acing a Phone Interview

Follow these tips for a successful phone interview: Create a checklist. Review the job posting and make a list of how your qualifications match the hiring criteria. Have the list available so you can

Proper Phone Interview Etiquette

Review these guidelines for appropriate phone interview etiquette, so you make the best impression on your interviewer. Answer the phone yourself. First, be sure to let family members and/or roommate

Get Ready for the Call

Before the call, confirm all the details, including the date, time, and who you will be talking to. Be sure you know whether the interviewer is calling you or if you need to make the call. If somethi

Practice Interviewing

Talking on the phone isn’t as easy as it seems. As with an in-person interview, practice can be helpful. Not only will this help you rehearse answers to common phone interview questions, it will

Prepare for a Phone Interview

Before you get on the telephone to interview for a job, review these phone interview tips and techniques so you can ace the interview and make it to the next round. Research the Company If you have a

Why Companies Use Phone Interviews

Employers use telephone interviews as a way of identifying and recruiting candidates for employment. Phone interviews are often used to screen candidates to narrow the pool of applicants who will be i

Other Types of Interviews: Group Interviews

While this article depicts a traditional interview between one hiring manager and one interviewee, there are other types of interviews that you may encounter. Below are some common examples. Group In

The Post Interview Phase

The next stage in the job application process, the “post-interview phase,” takes place in the days following the interview. This is the time when the hiring manager (and anyone else involv